Working Out of a Job...

As a Christian we are commissioned to share the Gospel with the lost. As a missionary we do this, and then we inspire and encourage others until finally we have worked ourselves out of a job. It is said, “If you want something done,...

do it yourself. I say, if you want something done and continue to be done, model it, train others and empower someone else to continue the work!” It has been very exciting for me to see this happening.

I started a children’s outreach ministry here in Palopo back in 2010. It had ups and downs and we learned a lot. Last spring I was asked to teach a children’s ministries class for the pastor’s training school (STAT). When God sent an MA, Mary Ann Adams to join our team, I helped her to put together a culturally relevant class that tied the kids outreach (FANTASTIC FRIDAY) into a practical application of the class. Because she was teaching and not I, she needed a translator…so one of the teachers who has good english had to translate (basically co-teach) the class. This means that in the future the class can be taught again whether we are here or not.

I did a lot behind the scenes as a consultant for our MA as she shaped the class, weekly got craft supplies, and every Friday went to the pasar (the wet market) at 6am to buy chicken/eggs/or fish, rice, and veggies then cooked it all to serve the kiddo’s. But the STAT students ran the ministry. 90% of them young men who had never done anything with kids before!

Not surprisingly we had lots of little boys come since nearly all the leaders were men, and at the end of the class all the training pastors from STAT said they saw a new value in ministering to kids, and learned things they will also apply to preaching and pastoring etc…such as incorporating object lessons and preparing ahead of time.

Tim Eckert