Change a Life...Change the World

When people ask where we live and we tell them our home is on a pastor’s training school campus and Christian High School, they usually ask if we teach? The answer is no we don’t teach any classes on campus, but our home...

is always full of students! I have the awesome opportunity to mentor and pray with the young ladies weekly. We do gardening, cook, eat, laugh, cry, and seek to grow in the Lord together. Since Palopo got a real book store with Christian books last year, we have begun going through some very challenging mentoring materials and it is fun to see the girls grow. And I find myself being challenged as well.

Tim's time is a little more split between working with the National church, planting new churches and the traveling that requires, and finding time to spend with the guys on campus. When he is here, he works along side them, helping 

them learn farming and building skills. They spend time together fishing and hanging out. But they also have had some powerful prayer times together and read through leadership books as they strive to become the men that God wants for them to be.

Over the past two years we have rejoiced with them when the succeed and cried with them when they fall. Please pray for our students, they are the future for Indonesia! And please pray for the Lord to fill us with wisdom as we pour into their lives!

Doris Eckert